Plate stacking unit PS-3

The plate stacking unit PS-3 for stacking two different plates by type into
two plate dispensers with the automatic discharge of the dispenser trolleys.

High output: The plate stacking unit TS-12.3 is a combination of 2 TS12-1 modules with simultaneous sensor detection of the two different plates.

Secure operation with sorting accuracy: The cleaned plates are taken over from the dishwashing technology and conveyed by conveyor belt to the stacking unit. The different plates are detected by sensors, defined and conveyed accordingly. The plates are stacked by type in two plate dispensers with a plate distance of approx. 400 mm.

Interruption-free operation: The dispenser trolleys are discharged automatically. To ensure an uninterrupted operating sequence, the plates are buffer-stacked when a dispenser trolley is changed (approx. 150 mm plate stack per tube).

Hygienic: The stacking process is carried out electropneumatically. The plates are vacuum-sucked and deposited in the trolley via two axes (X and Y axis).

Output: Approx. 60 plates per minute (per module: 30 plates per minute).