Automatic cutlery sorting system CSS-3500 and CSS-8500

The automatic cutlery sorting system CSS-3500 recognizes, counts and sorts up to 9 different cutlery parts sorted by a computer-aided camera system.

The second version of the CSS-8500 enables a sorting capacity of 3500 parts per hour up to 8500 parts per hour.

Long cutlery in the boxes are aligned uniformly, small cutlery fall in the same direction. After reaching the preselected number of units per box, the inlet stops. It is ensured that the count in the boxes is always exactly correct. During the exchange of boxes, the detected cutlery is buffered in the System.

 The CSS-3500 and CSS-8500 can be customized with the following Options:

  1. Processing of up to 9 pieces of cutlery.
  2. Batch filling by box instead of a direct connection to the dishwashing technology.
  3. Online remote maintenance module for quick real time support.
  4. Rack trolley including 40 plastic cutlery containers.
  5. Sorting out of foreign cutlery into a separate sorting box.
  6. Sorting of plastic cutlery (solid colour and transparent).
  7. Teaching of up to 99 different cutlery sets.
  8. Large sorting container with a collective volume for up to 400 parts.

The CSS-3500 and CSS-8500 respectively sort as the base model reliably the four basic parts knife, fork, spoon and small spoon. The CSS-3500 or CSS-8500 sorts and recognizes up to 9 parts in the final version. The robust stainless steel construction with its high-quality components ensures running safety and longevity with minimum maintenance.