Failure-free three times a day, 365 days a year is the requirement for BRIMATO automation systems used in hospitals.

Patient care has to function trouble-free - and trouble-free reliability is BRIMATO's competence. Strict hygiene requirements for hospital certification are standard - highest hygiene implementation in automation is BRIMATO's competence. Despite strong cost pressure due to health care reform and health insurance requirements - A very high ROI can be expected with BRIMATO automation systems.

The retrofitting of existing old facilities with state-of-the-art BRIMATO modules also pays off and can be implemented with no additional required space at any time.

Many BRIMATO customers are from this segment for this reason. Germany-wide and through the world, both small hospitals and university hospitals with over 2,000 beds. Our clientele includes many very large hospitals, such as Erlangen, Geneva, Hanover, Ljubljana, Liège, Stuttgart and Vienna.