BRIMATO offers automation advantages

BRIMATO automation lowers costs:

BRIMATO automates processes so that frequent movements and hard work can be completed by automation modules. For this purpose, we first analyse the existing structures and processes so that they can be automated at the key points. Depending on the size of the business and the degree of automation, the payback period for investments ranges between 8 and 24 months.

BRIMATO automation optimizes hygiene:

The automation replaces the touching of trays, plates and cutlery in clean areas – a decisive hygiene improvement extending all the way to the patron.

BRIMATO automation reduces the employee workload:

Hard work that no one likes to do can often be automated This especially includes tasks in dirty areas, such as removing trays from the food transport trolleys and transferring the dirty trays to dishwashing lines. It also includes stacking plates or trays and putting away fully portioned trays at the end of a portioning conveyor.

BRIMATO can easily prove its competence in automation with references that speak for themselves. We would be happy to arrange a joint visit.