BRIMATO offers competence in automation.

Based in Hilter near Osnabrück, Germany, BRIMATO Catering Automation Technology GmbH offers automation technology from a single source. The owner-managed company has specialized in the international catering industry. Its export rate is over 50%. Customers
for BRIMATO automation technology include hospitals, airline caterers, university canteens, canteens of large companies, event caterers, the military and food processing companies.
BRIMATO sells its products both directly and through competent partners. Thanks to its cooperation with MEIKO, BRIMATO reaches customers in Germany, Austria, France and Asia. The BRIMATO partner in Belgium and Luxembourg is Sabemaf, in Finland, Estonia and Sweden DIETA, in Asia the importers Tantraco (Singapore) and Standard Catering Equipment (Hong Kong).
BRIMATO's long-time membership in the Verband der Fachplaner VdF (German Association of Specialist Planners) and its regular attendance at symposiums and forums within the catering industry ensure that its customers receive state-of-the-art consulting competence.