Round belt conveyor system RBA

Round belt conveyor system as an individually configurable transport solution.

The round belt conveyor system is an individually employable transport system. The configuration and assembly of the system is individually adapted for each process sequence. The following illustrates a typical automation application:

  • Trays with the used cutlery set are placed on the conveyor system and transported towards the dishwashing machines.
  • At the first station, the porcelain is taken down manually.
  • Porcelain is deposited into a second transport system of the porcelain dishwashing system which cycles under the conveyor system.
  • This is followed by the automatic removal of the cutlery by means of magnets.
  • The removed cutlery is conveyed to a further dishwashing system.
  • The empty trays at the end of the round belt conveyor are transported crosswise into a tray dishwashing line in a clocked process.

For the possible transport of the trays through a clean area in the kitchen, the system is equipped with a Plexiglas cover for hygienic protection.