BRIMATO automation in food portioning

Food automation system ASV-1

The complete BRIMATO food automation system consists of multiple modules. These modules are individually assembled in the planning phase. In the process, their positioning in the system layout and the performance parameters of each module are exactly defined according to the requirements. The performance parameters account for both a defined actual condition and a defined possible or desired increase in performance.

The performance target of the Brimato food automation system ASV-1 is an automated process for food portioning tailored to the desired degree of automation. Bar code detection (e.g. on a patient card) defines which food is requested and which individual dishes and items of cutlery are required accordingly. The subsequent process leading to the placement of the food is fully automated. Each tray is individually charged for each patient.

The individual food automation modules:

  1. Food portioning conveyor for transporting system trays on round belts.
  2. Tray placement unit TABAL-01
  3. Patient card placement unit PKAL-01
  4. Plate bottom placement unit TELUL-01
  5. Plate / porcelain placement unit TELAL-01
  6. Tray inserting unit TE-02