Automatic cutlery sorting system ABS type II – the systematic further development

The new generation of the automatic cutlery sorting System CSS-3500 and CSS-8500 was designed to meet a variety of customer requirements for more flexible, more precise and faster sorting processes.

All configurations are modular and can easily be arranged user-specific. The two new models cover different performance requirements and offer the right system for every field of application.

Another special feature is the recognition of plastic cutlery - whether through-dyed or transparent. Due to the precise recognition of cutlery parts, it is also possible to sort out foreign, not associated cutlery items separately. This achieves maximum flexibility in daily practice.

In the following we will present the advantages of the ABS type II system compared to the model before:

  • No compressed air is needed
  • More compact – ABS-4 requires 45% less floor space with comparable performance
  • Dose belt for cutlery is integrated
  • Configuration can be arranged user-specific:
    • Available as power+ version (capacity of 5.500 – 8.500 pieces of cutlery per hour)
    • Sorting of sets with up to 12 different items
    • Up streamed buffer for cutlery to feed in the cutlery manually
    • Remote maintenance module
    • Trolley incl. 40 sorting boxes for cutlery
    • Sorting out of foreign items
    • Sorting of plastic (totally dyed through and transparent) cutlery
    • Up to 99 different sets of cutlery can be trained
    • noise reduction package

The new generation of the cutlery sorting system has already been successfully applied in the following projects:

Cathay Pacific Catering Service, Hong Kong

Kantonspital Lucerne, Switzerland