BRIMATO Catering Automation Technology GmbH automates processes in commercial kitchens, large catering companies and the food industry. Automation is always a good solution whenever a process sequence requires recurring, identical movements or to allow machines to complete repetitive, complex or difficult tasks. In every case, BRIMATO automation systems and modules always aid in cutting down on workloads and reducing personnel. The degree of automation is defined individually by the customer. What is absolutely essential: A real improvement of hygiene. The "touching" of trays, plates and cutlery is prevented entirely. Investment costs pay off within 8 to 24 months. Furthermore: The reduction of personnel workloads through automation means being free for more demanding and interesting tasks. The result is an improved working atmosphere with lower fluctuation.

BRIMATO automation systems at a glance:

  • Cutlery sorting and packaging systems.
  • Automation in food portioning.
  • Automation upstream and downstream of dishwashing lines.
  • Automatic conveyor systems for trolleys, trays, porcelain and crates.
  • Special constructions (e.g. systems for filling refrigerated trucks for food supply).